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Maureen Kragt is an international influencer and business developer with over a decade of experience in the luxury sector. Specializing in brand strategy, marketing, and communications, she has crafted transformative visual identities for some of the world's most prestigious brands and high-profile clientele. 


A founding member of The Influencer Awards Monaco, Maureen brings unique insight to her work heading communications and marketing for IAM - an organization that amassed a reach of 500 million. 


Maureen has always been a trendsetter. Her latest venture, le rouge in Wynwood, Miami, is no exception. Channeling her years of experience in the entertainment industry, she is architecting new ways of experiencing live music and entertainment – both online and in person.


Maureen's international upbringing and multilingual skills have served her well throughout her career; this has helped her adapt to the rapidly-evolving landscape. 

Meet Maureen's social profile @maureenkragt

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