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Dubbed the “Oscars of the digital world”, The Influencer Awards Monaco is a global awards ceremony for social media influencers that Kragt founded alongside CEO Lolita Abraham in 2018. 


Through her work heading marketing and communications, Kragt and the IAM team gathered over 150 influencers of 32 different nationalities from around the world last year. The Influencer Awards Monaco amassed a reach of 500 million in 2019 through digital marketing and communications efforts headed by Kragt’s own boutique visual intelligence agency, Monacolab. 


IAM was born out of the necessity to be at the forefront of the digital world and to recognize online influencers for their profession and labor. The 3-day ceremony is now hosted annually in the principality. 


Among IAM’s guests, we have had the pleasure to welcome Princesse Stephanie of Monaco and her daughter Pauline Ducruet, who is an ambassador for IAM. Also in attendance were Murad Osman and his gorgeous wife Nataly, Caroline Receveur, Hofit Golan, Jeetendr Sedhev, and Aggie- just to name a few.

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