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Maureen Kragt is an reputation and image curator over a decade of experience in the luxury sector. Specializing in brand strategy, marketing, and communications, she has crafted transformative visual identities for some of the world's most prestigious brands and high-profile clientele. 


A founding member of The Influencer Awards Monaco, Maureen brings unique insight to her work heading communications and marketing for IAM - an organization that amassed a reach of 500 million. 


Maureen has always been a trendsetter. Her latest venture, le rouge in Wynwood, Miami, is no exception. Channeling her years of experience in the entertainment industry, she is architecting new ways of experiencing live music and entertainment – both online and in person.


Maureen's international upbringing and multilingual skills have served her well throughout her career; this has helped her adapt to the rapidly-evolving landscape. 

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Dubbed the “Oscars of the digital world”, The Influencer Awards Monaco is a global awards ceremony for social media influencers that Kragt founded alongside CEO Lolita Abraham in 2018. 


Through her work heading marketing and communications, Kragt and the IAM team gathered over 150 influencers of 32 different nationalities from around the world last year. The Influencer Awards Monaco amassed a reach of 500 million in 2019 through digital marketing and communications efforts headed by Kragt’s own boutique visual intelligence agency, Monacolab. 


IAM was born out of the necessity to be at the forefront of the digital world and to recognize online influencers for their profession and labor. The 3-day ceremony is now hosted annually in the principality. 


Among IAM’s guests, we have had the pleasure to welcome Princesse Stephanie of Monaco and her daughter Pauline Ducruet, who is an ambassador for IAM. Also in attendance were Murad Osman and his gorgeous wife Nataly, Caroline Receveur, Hofit Golan, Jeetendr Sedhev, and Aggie- just to name a few.




Our team at Monacolab is dedicated to providing you with the most innovative and cutting-edge marketing strategies for your business. We embrace our role as a boutique visual intelligence agency that helps brands grow in an ever changing digital world, by applying personalized solutions tailored specifically around what YOU need!​

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E-Idols is the first agency of its kind in the principality where it began as a natural evolution from the Influencer Awards Monaco. 


During IAM, we have fostered relationships and affiliations with influencers that have enabled us to create an agency with a sense of community. E-Idols is a way to take those connections to the next level. 


The agency allows us to bond over business- the awards show is a way to bond socially while appreciating the fruits of the influencer’s labor. 


Launched in 2020, E-Idols works with digital storytellers, content creators, and the best influencers from around the globe. 

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As 2020 ended, Kragt is now channeling her experience into the Miami music scene at the heart of it all in Wynwood. 

Innovating with her team, she is utilised the venue space next to Mana Convention Center to architect new ways of experiencing night-life and entertainment in both a live setting and through online-streaming and digital platforms. 


Kragt and the BRDO Live team are taking great care and responsiveness to appropriately adapt industry practices to the heightened sanitation management issues now prevalent as of 2020 and moving forward. 

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